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Jason Stuart
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Jason just completed the role of “Oscar Bustamunte” on the hit show SWEDISH DICKS starring Peter Stromaare (Fargo, John Wicks) and Comedian Johan GLans. Also in the cast superstar Keanu Reeves! He plas a councilman accused of murder? The show is a hit in Sweden and appears on the POP a new channel owned by Lionsgate.

Most recently Jason Stuart played the touchy feely shrink, “Dr. Powell” on Judd Apatow’s show LOVE on Netflix. The show stars Paul Rust and is written and created by him and Apatow. Rich Somners plays his patient (Mad Men). Jason is in episode 12 and the series 2nd season will be ready to binge it!  Episode 12 season 2 on Netflix.

Now on HBO on demand and other streaming services….Jason has a major supporting role as “Joseph Randall” in BIRTH OF A NATION by filmmaker Nate Parker (Beyond The Lights) who is also starring in the film as “Nat Turner”. A former slave in America, leads a liberation movement in 1831 to free African-Americans in Virgina that results in a violent retaliation from whites. Also starring Armie Hammer (Lone Ranger), Gabrielle Union (Being May Jane), Jackie Earle Haley (Little Children), Penelope Ann Miller (American Crime),  Roger Guenver Smith (Dope),  Aja Naomi King (Getting Away With Murder), Aaujanue Ellis (Quantico), Dwight Henry (12 Years Of Slaves), Colman Dimingo (Fear The Walking Dead), Esther Scott (Transformers), Jason Warner Smith (The Walking Dead), Katie Garfield (Nashville). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ezWiUTXB11A

Get the DVD now!

Now on Netflix: Jason is guest-starring on ROB SCHNEIDER (Grown Ups) series REAL ROB as “Billy the Sauna Guy”. Episode 5 season 1.

Jason is in DIVERTED EDEN as Det. Walter in the indie thriller starring Michael Urie (Ugly Betty) & Ken Davitian (Borak). his is the first time the prolific character actor has played a detective.

Jason has become very prolific in indie films. First up the drama JINN starring Simone Missick (Luke Cage) as a racist newscaster, HEART OF A WOMEN with ANGELICA ROSS (Her Story) and ISIS KING (Americas Top Model), as a trans phopic CEO. Also the new comedy HOLLYWEIRD as a crazy acting coach,  MYRA as a redneck boyfriend and VIVA DIVA as a husband of an American Indian women. The last 2, both with Mya Taylor (from  Tangerine).  Also the web series “Anton” the guru,  THE MEPHISTO BOX, the horror film as a “Literary Agent” in BANSHEE and boxing drama FACE OFF as a “fight manager”.   

Jason just appeared on the stand up show GOTHAM COMEDY LIVE on AXS in NYC and the FOX Cable Networks panelist show RED EYE  w/Tom Shillue twice. All lol funny!

He played a racist father in the sketch for Kevin Hart’s new channel called “Old As F*#K!” with my pal with comedian and director Juhahn Jones.

Online and DVD now: Jason plays “Joe the Doorman” in TANGERINE. Winning  3 Gotham Awards including best picture and nominated for 5 Spirit Awards.  Directed by filmmaker Sean Baker and written by Baker and Chris Be The film is a major hit  at Sundance and was shot on the iphone5S. Produced by Darren Dean and Shih-Ching Tsou and executive produced by Mark & Jay Duplass. Starring Mya Taylor, Kiki Rodriguez, Clu Gluager, Mickey O’Hagan, James Ransone, Josh Sussman.   TRAILER.

Now on Samsum: Jason was just cast in the virtual reality film series GONE as an Undercover Security “Agent Francis”. The suspense thriller is from Skybound Entertainment.  The director JT Petty (EP from  The Walking Dead) David Alpert.

Now in Festivals: The romantic comedy OPEN from producer and star Bruce L. Hart and directed by his brother Paul Hart.  Jason plays a “Bad Date” and works along with his actor actor friends Drew Droege, David Pevsner, Dante,  Leon Acord, Brian Nolan and Rebekah Kochan.

Recenlty: As the current SAG-AFTRA’s LGBT Actors Committee National co-chair, Jason was just honored with the Jose Julio Sarria International Civil Rights Award, which was presented by the International Imperial Court System this year 2015.

Now on Hulu: Jason plays the role of British Journalist “Mr Wills” in the comedy parody remake HUSH UP SWEET CHARLOTTE? Starring Varla Jean Merman, Matthew Martin, Mink Stole and David Milbern (Also Producer) . Written & Directed by filmmaker Billy Clift.

On REVRY: Jason has completed his directorial debut in MENTOR. He also acts, co wrote & produced this web-series with newcomer PAUL ELIA. Its LOUIE meets CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM. The show also stars ALEXANDRA PAUL with guest star appearance by LEE GARLINGTON, TERRY RAY, MITCH HARA, MIKE FOY, DANNY CHO and BOBBY SLAYTONhttp://www.jasonstuart.com/mentor/

Last season: Jason recently played a “Art Curator” in an episode of the hit show on Fox  TV in SLEEPY HOLLOW. 

Available on DVD & Online: Jason appears in the drama LOVE IS STRANGE from the filmmaker Ira Sachs (Keep The the Lights On). Jason plays one of the most important supporting roles in Love Is Strange. As the officiant who marries John Lithgow’s Ben and Alfred Molina’s George, he sets the whole story in motion, and inadvertently affects the lives of all the other characters in the film. The film also stars awarding winning cast, including Marisa Tomei, Cheyenne Jackson, Cheyene Jackson, Manny Perez and Harriet Samson Harris. The drama was nominated for Best Picture for the Gotham Award and 4 Spirit Awards including Best Picture!  Check out the trailer.

On AMAZON: Jason will be playing a asshole bar manager of a dive as  “Manny” in the crime drama DIRTY from filmmaker Dan Ringey. Also starring Roger Guenvuer Smith, Paul Elia, Tony Denison, Chaz Bono and Alexandra PaulTrailer

Jason Stuart is National Co-Chairman for the SAG/AFTRA LGBT Committee. The purpose of the committee is to provide support to LGBT actors and to educate the membership, the industry, and the public on LGBT actor’s issues, with a focus on ending discrimination against LGBT actors in the workplace. They are currently rolling out the first ever study on out actors in the entertainment industry by the Williams Institute at UCLA.