Watch Mentor Web Series - Jason Stuart, Alexandra Paul, Paul Elia

Jason Stuart
1:47 AM


Won Best Comedy at the “OUT WEBFEST AWARD” 2016

Nominated for “L.A. WEBFEST” 2016


Best Supporting Actress – ALEXANDRA PAUL

Best Comedy Series – MENTOR

Nominated for “INDIE SERIES AWARDS” 2015

Best Comedy Script – JASON STUART & PAUL ELIA

Best Comedy Guest Star – LEE GARLINGTON

And WON Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy – ALEXANDRA PAUL


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(Everybody Needs One)

JASON STUART, a veteran character actor and comedian with lots of credits, feels like this is the end. PAUL ELIA, just off the plane from Detroit with very few credits, feels like this is the beginning.ALEXANDRA PAUL, Baywatch babe with infinity credits, feels they’re both ready for a mental institution! All three have decided to take their careers into their own hands and do a show about what they know best. Themselves.This is their story.

This 6 episode web series is a heartfelt true-to-life comedy/drama about a middle aged, gay, Jewish man and a straight, starry eyed kid who find friendship….without sex. Add their bossy, WASP movie star best friend who supports them through the trials and tribulations of making it in the cold hard business of Hollywood, whether they want it or not….Oy, I’m exhausted!

Funny and engaging, you will relate to this series no matter where you live, or in what business you work. Mentor is about pursuing your dreams, supporting your friends, and trying not to overeat or have sex with people you don’t know when things get too hard.

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